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  • Critics call Goodnight Malaysian 370 Comprehensive and Compelling

    15 August at 11:21 from atlas

    Critics call Goodnight Malaysian 370 "Comprehensive and Compelling

    George E. Nolly (Aurora , Co USA

    As a 777 Captain and Instructor Pilot since 1999, I was very impressed with the thorough, comprehensive discussion of the 777's systems and the analysis of the data. I found the supplementary information at the end of the book very helpful in substantiating the analysis of the aircraft's probable final resting place.
    The discussion of other relevant aircraft accidents was extremely helpful, as was the sharing of the dirty little secret of pilot suicides and the psychological factors that might contribute to this sad reality. Also, thankfully, the authors did not succomb to politically correctness in their discussion of cultural issues, both for the crew and for the countries being discussed in the accident summaries.
    I really appreciated the sensitive way the authors treated the victims, including listing all of their names at the end of the book. They really put a human face on the passenger list.
    Chances are we will never find the wreckage, but the hypothesis presented in this book is compelling.

    Helen F said

    "Stayed up late last night finishing this book. Up front I must say this is not the type of book I usually pick up (or whatever you do with a Kindle book), but this is both fascinating and compassionate. The conclusions reached are Holmes-like - when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. This elimination process is steadily worked through in a carefully explained process. Plenty of technical stuff I must admit to skimming over, but a well written book that I recommend unreservedly. We may never find out exactly what happened, but this certainly is an intriguingly plausible hypothesis in the mean time"